Design Assist



By integrating a design assist approach with the architect and engineer of record, we help achieve the project goals of better quality, on-time delivery and a safer job site at the best possible price. Even though the primary engineering and design responsibility remains with the project engineers, REC offers review, suggestions, coordination, management and quality control/compliance to improve cost, timing, quality and value. As a result, design assist promises fewer RFIs, change orders, building code and other issues with the plans and specifications. It also helps shorten the construction schedule.

Design Assist offers:

  • Budgeting assistance and cost control from conception
  • Review and comment on schematic design
  • Early review of the specifications and design narrative
  • Detailed layout and dimensions of electrical rooms and panel locations
  • Analysis of all possible problem areas in terms of access, feasibility, and risk
  • Light fixture specification analysis for application and cost
  • Early coordination with other trades